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To transform the world through love, vulnerability, and relationship

Dr. Christopher Travers
Founder, The Communion Collective

At my core, I'm just an artist. I started The Communion Collective in 2021 because as an educator, scholar, speaker, and curator, I realized all my work was guided by the same core tenets: love, vulnerability, and connection. I believe these core tenets exemplify the ethos of communion and I wanted to partner with others who believed the same. The Communion Collective is that dream coming to fruition. We're just a group of diverse artists, leveraging a range of mediums, to model communion to the world!

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A group of artists committed to infusing the spirit of communion within educational practices, communal spaces, and spiritual communities


Diversity &

Equity Audits

Interactive Workshops with Teachers & Staff



Ministry Consulting Workshops

Who We've Worked With

Life Transformation Church
Blendon Middle School
Westerville North High School
Learning Unboxed
Wilder Elementary School
Blacktivism in the Academy
“We are grateful for your visit to Wilder! Thanks for sharing such a powerful, important, crucial presentation. Thanks for your vulnerability in sharing your personal stories as well. I had an overwhelming number of staff tell me that your presentation was exactly what they needed to hear”

Elizabeth, School Counselor, Wilder Elementary School


Communion is everyday,

and everywhere.

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